Experience Our Success Management Methodology

Here at TelEnergy, we created a Success Management Methodology to help clients deploy technology seamlessly and at scale. This 10-point process was specifically designed to save time and reduce risk.

Our 10 Point Process

Our 10-point process covers three stages,
including pre-planning, deployment,
and post deployment.
Pre-Planning Deployment Post Deployment
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3

How it Works


Project Plan Design

Technology deployments often fail because they lack a sound plan. Our team will first create a roadmap to guide the process, to keep all stakeholders aligned and on track.

Baseline Assessment

After the plan is set in place, the next step is to conduct a baseline assessment to determine whether your team is ready to move forward, and whether further resources are needed to begin.

Change Management
+ Continuous Oversight

Most technology deployments require employee buy-in. Our approach to change management centers around educating stakeholders, and working with them to understand their needs.


Vendor Selection

A successful deployment requires careful vendor selection. We’ll draw on our deep portfolio of partners, providing access to the best solutions and affordable prices.

Solution Design

After selecting a vendor, the next step is to form a comprehensive solution design that encompasses resource planning, risk assessment, and costs. The purpose of a solution design is to determine whether a project is on the right track for success, or whether further planning and sourcing is required.

Readiness Assessment

Once the solution design is complete, an official readiness assessment will be conducted. This is the final testing stage before the technology is deployed. Its purpose is to make sure there is a stable and reliable foundation in place to support the new technology.

Solution Deployment
+ Continuous Oversight

At this stage, all initial testing and planning will be complete providing a stable environment that’s guaranteed to support the technology. Our team will move forward with deployment, supported by continuous performance monitoring and oversight.

Post Deployment

Solution Optimization

Once a technology is deployed, the real work begins. Our team will continue analyzing the solution and running tests, and looking for improvement opportunities.


In addition to ongoing optimization efforts, periodic evaluations will also be scheduled to ensure the deployment is operating according to plan. Official evaluations provide a system for assessing overall progress and planning important changes when they are needed.

Continuous Oversight

The last step is to engage in continuous performance monitoring in real-time, to detect even the most minute system changes. We’ll continue monitoring 24/7 throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Scorecard Assessment

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