TelEnergy: A One-Stop-Shop for
Telecom, IT and Energy Management

TelEnergy provides expert knowledge, cutting-edge resources and intelligent solutions to help your business control telecom, technology and energy expenses. You’ll be in good hands with TelEnergy.


What Can TelEnergy Do for Your business?
No project is too big or too small for TelEnergy. We can do it all, from sourcing small technology solutions to planning large scale digital transformation strategies.

Here are some of our core strengths:

  • Technology Procurement
  • Expense Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience
  • Cloud Migration
  • Deployment and Project Management
  • Energy Management
  • Cybersecurity

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Technology Management is Overwhelming.
Let TelEnergy Take the Reigns.

Let’s face it: The technology landscape is more complex than ever — and it’s getting worse. Most IT teams today lack the size, scope and expertise to provide comprehensive guidance and management.
TelEnergy offers the insight, experience, and bandwidth to augment technology teams and help them navigate the changing landscape.

Curious about how we can help?

“TelEnergy stepped in and helped me get a handle on all aspects of telecommunications service management. I now have less bills to review every month with the bill consolidation they completed, as well as removing services that were no longer needed. After all was said and done I’m on track to see more than $50k year one in reduced expenses. You guys are awesome!”

Director of IT, Global Manufacturer

…I’m on track to see more than $50k in reduced expenses. 

Subject Matter Experts

Expert Guidance You Can Trust.

Businesses today are going through a period of rapid digital transformation, opening new challenges and opportunities. Now more than ever, companies need guidance to determine what technologies and strategies they should be deploying—and which to avoid.

TelEnergy offers expert guidance across multiple areas including:

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Cloud Migration

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Customer Experience

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Need Guidance?

“TelEnergy has been a trusted partner and valued resource to Liberal Arts University since 2015. They’ve helped us audit and optimize our service providers and have helped us reduce our telecom cost by over 30%. In addition, they’ve helped us assess numerous telecommunications providers. They were instrumental in helping us migrate from a premise based phone service to a hosted phone solution. They worked with us to define our business requirements, analyze potential options and develop a negotiation strategy to ensure we received the most competitive pricing. I strongly recommend TelEnergy Advisors and consider them a trusted partner.”

CIO, Liberal Arts University

…helped reduce our telecom
cost by over 30%.