Network case study
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Global Electronic Manufacturer
A Client Impact Statement

Our Client

  • Multinational Electronic Manufacturer.
  • Located in Chicago Illinois.
  • 40 locations Americas, Asia and Europe.

Their Network Challenges

  • Dissatisfied with current Network Provider.
  • Desire to improve performance levels and reduce costs.
  • Frustrated with lack of support.
  • Billing issues creating contentious relationship with  supplier.
  • Business growing a rapid rate, revolving IT support team.
  • Incumbent suppliers not motivated to reduce costs and  cut their profit margin.

Our Success Methodology

  • Understand business objectives through interviews with internal stakeholders
  • Gather and analyze all invoices and contracts associated with network services
  • Defined business requirements and future network architecture through discovery process with client
  • Interviewed potential suppliers:
    – Asked for options to reduce costs, improve performance and consolidate invoices
    – Created scoring matrix to evaluate supplier’s ability to meet business requirements
  • Vetted and evaluated service options of multiple suppliers: Telstra, PCCW, Verizon, CenturyLink, China Telecom, Masergy and NTT
  • Created competitive bidding environment
  • Provided several new network architecture options for Client, in-line with business objectives


  • Using the TelEnergy Success Management Methodology, aligned Client’s requirements with carrier capabilities and service levels.
  • Replaced incumbent with a more service oriented and cost effective supplier.
  • Developed and helped execute negotiation strategy.
  • Built plan to create co-terminus contracts and eliminated auto renew contracts.
  • Designed future state infrastructure based upon business requirements.
  • Validating cost reductions through on-going quarterly reviews and account management.
  • Accelerated Engagement – quickened Clients realization of cost savings and service optimization.
  • Replace antiquated network services with best in class technologies.
  • 29.7% reduction in total telecom cost. $75k annually or $225k over 36 month term.