Introducing the Cloud, and the Opportunity it Provides

Discover the Benefits the Cloud Can Offer Your Organization

Cloud refers to a broad array of services and processes used by individuals and organizations. It’s a big topic… that, in a sense, isn’t even a physical thing. What the user sees is the webpage where they run Salesforce or the window with Slack. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Consider it a shifting virtual environment for data storage, servers, databases, applications, and networks. The advantage is you can access a vast network of remote servers around the globe and not be tied to one physical point.

"75% of cloud's predicted value comes from boosting innovation ... cloud promises an average rise in EBITDA of more than 20% across industries."

McKinsey Quarterly, February 2021

Benefits of the Cloud


Cost Optimization when you don’t require physical hardware installation, you gain the flexibility of pay-per-use or subscription plans.


Infinite Scalability and Resource Utilization prioritize the resources you need across the platform, adding capacity as needed with better storage reliability for users.


Data Security resources available to secure cloud service providers can’t be matched. Being under that protective umbrella is a strong security step – helping protect data on the relevant systems and/or networks.


Collaboration and Ease of Use a cloud technology platform, allows users to connected virtually from anywhere in the world with access to internet.


Fast, Frequent Updates/Upgrades of software, hardware, and other resources mean you have the latest tech at your disposal – resistant to threats, running the most efficient processes possible, and future-ready. 


High Speed and Flexibility it works, where you need it to work. Just add connectivity, with the appropriate speed, and you have the flexibility to work remotely, across the city, across the country, or across the world!


Rapid Deployment deploy resources faster over the cloud, with systems and resources often fully functional and ready for use within moments.


Be Competitive with cloud your workforce, your markets, and your opportunities are not tied to physical structure. Recruit the best prospects and take advantage of the cost savings.


Information, Analytics, and Intelligence are a strong argument for adopting cloud. The more you know, the more you can do. Knowing a customer’s behavior can lead to improved sales and retention. 


Storage, Backup and Recovery the cloud protects the integrity of your data – allowing for redundancies, regimented backups, and ease of access. 

Cloud is A Smart Choice

Technology is constantly advancing and upgrading, providing new functionality while ensuring security. Making the right choice is so important. Cloud is the fastest technology to work with, with more and more industries becoming reliant on it for good reason. Cloud providers also offer organizations additional services that address application management, security and compliancy needs, patching, and updates, plus advanced services like load balancing, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Let's Talk, No Matter What Stage You're In

Moving to the cloud is a big choice, but you have options. The benefits that can be realized from a cloud deployment are exciting and rewarding. As your trusted technology experts, we can work with and advocate for you to select the right solution, or combination of solutions, to meet your requirements. With the cloud, you also have an almost infinite ability to grow into your future requirements, or step back as the situation requires. Predictable monthly cost of computing/storage is usually preferable to large capital expenditures that you’ll be tied to long after it becomes outdated. But let’s focus on today, we look forward to helping you identify the cloud solutions that meet your needs.

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