The Importance of Unified Communications

Competitively Position Your Organization for Efficient
Scalable Growth

Remote work environments are no longer the exception; complete teams work together from different offices or even different parts of the world. Unified Communications brings them together to work and communicate effectively. Unified Communications as-a-service (UCaaS) is a requirement for many, growing 40% year-over-year. With access to 13 of the 14 Gartner Magic Quadrant providers, and many more leading innovative UC provider solutions, we can deliver a solution design that is safe, secure, and scalable.

Why it’s Important to Find the Right Cloud-Based UC Platform

According to Gartner:

74% of organizations will move at least 5% of their full-time, on-site workers into permanent remote positions

50%+ of large organizations
will connect to cloud providers using direct
cloud connectivity from their wide- are-networks.

74% of new UC licenses
purchased by organizations
will be cloud-based by 2025, “as a Service” provides added

Today’s business world is connected and constantly communicating. By leveraging a unified communications system, you can turn your separate devices into one solution, ready and able to handle both internal and external collaboration at a moment’s notice. Let us help you identify your requirements and design a solution at a competitive price.


Some of the benefits your customers can realize with UCaaS:

Disaster Recovery Prepared
When the unthinkable happens, you customers are solid. Minimized downtime. Minimized damage. Disaster recovery capability is possibly the strongest reason your customers should adopt UCaaS. 

Rapid Service Deployment
On-premise solutions can take months or even years to roll out company wide. Upgrades can take just as long. With UCaaS, new features or service software updates can be pushed immediately once available and approved.

Increase Employee Mobility
Cloud-based systems provide
access from anywhere and
at anytime (home, client, or
elsewhere) — solving what is often referred to as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) challenge. UcaaS offers connectivity to any supported device including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Improve Team Collaboration
Give teams better ways to connect and interact, including through audio/video conferencing, accessible from any device. Employees can even share data or their desktop view from wherever they may be in the world.

Enhance (CRM) Customer
Relationship Management
and API Support Seamless integration with CRMs
improves Contact Center capabilities, interactive voice response, call routing and other outstanding category redefining features that elevate customer relationship building, and maintenance.

Simplify and Centralize
Premise-based applications are hard to scale and administer: new users, applying patches, and updating features. With a hosted solution, tasks can be centralized via a portal, allowing tasks to be scheduled, batched and applied all at once.


Eliminate Upfront Expense
UCaaS shifts the cost of designing increasingly complex solutions to an experienced service provider. Leased phones and equipment allow your customers to adopt new technologies faster, shed outdated versions quicker, and deploy across many locations without complication.

Omnichannel Customer
Experience (CX)
Communicate with end-customers the way they want to, continue the conversation if they change platforms and if there’s a pause between interactions. Sales/ customer support may also access additional context from past interactions — what was bought, complaints, marketing insights, etc.

Reduce Operating Costs
When everything is hosted on a shared data center, customers share the cost (often with greater capability and security). This delivers on-premise — there’s no need to find rack space, pay energy bills, conduct maintenance, configure or manage connections.

Scalable Provisioning
Help your customers gain the
ultimate in flexibility. Organizations can grow, contract, add features
or reallocate resources as projects come and go. Pay for what’s needed, and nothing else.

Enhance Security
As a cloud-based service,
our community of providers
maintain the highest standards
for monitoring networks for known threats, behaviors and potential vulnerabilities — there’s no need to worry when it’s all built in.

Predictable flat-fee pricing
removes surprises. Your customers pay for what’s used on one consolidated bill to effectively future proof their finances. It’s the best of both worlds, leading up-to-the minute solutions without crippling investment.

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